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Southwest Airlines is a Huge Employer

Southwest Airlines is a relative newcomer in the airline industry, but they have already moved into a position of authority within the sector. The company was founded in 1967, and was given its current name a few years later. Today, the company has about 52,000 employees and is still growing. Before you apply to work with Southwest, ensure that you know everything that you need to about this company. This will help you to more easily secure a job with them.

Types of Jobs

Southwest Airlines has many different types of jobs available. These range from the highly visible positions such as ticket agent and flight attendant, to those that work behind the scenes, like baggage handlers, ramp agents, and even pilots. Starting pay for entry level positions tends to start out at about $13 per hour, but this is variable depending upon where you are based out of and whether or not any experience is brought to the table with you.

Southwest flight attendants make an average of about $55,000 per year after some experience has been gained. A customer service agent should expect to start out making about $14 per hour. Other positions pay according to experience. For example, a software engineer with a strong background can expect to make over $100,000 a year. Pilots make about $190,000 per year.

There is also a need for managers on the ground. If you are successful with the company and have spent some time growing with the company, this may be something that you would want to consider.

Why Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines has a strong reputation as a cost effective airline. In an industry that has had a lot of bad press over the years, and one that has needed government help to stay afloat at times, Southwest Airlines has stood out as being one that keeps the comfort and safety of their customers first.

They also do a lot to take care of their employees. This is apparent in the WorkPerks benefits that they give to all qualified employees. These include a 401(k) program, profit sharing plans, medical, vision, and dental health coverage, and a wide variety of volunteer and community outreach programs. The company goes above and beyond for their customers, and they do the same for their employees, too. They’ve received a good deal of acclaim for how great a company they are to work for.

Who Can Apply?

In order to apply for a job at Southwest Airlines, you need to be at least 18 years old. It is required that employees have a high school diploma or a GED. Some positions will require a college degree or advanced training. You will also likely be subject to a background check.

What’s Expected?

Southwest Airlines employees have a lot of responsibilities resting on their shoulders. This is a job where you are expected to be helpful to customers, even in stressful situations. You should also be prepared to keep a cheery disposition, and this may often require you to be patient. Having customer service experience, especially in a high stress career, can be helpful when it comes to demonstrating this ability to a future employer.

All employees are given training so that they can know what to do in an emergency situation, too. No one wants to be in a situation where this kind of training will ever be useful, but it is still good to know that it’s expected of you and that it needs to be taken seriously.

Tips for Gaining Employment

In order to apply for a job with Southwest, start by going to their homepage. At the bottom of this page, under the “About Southwest” heading, you will find a link titled “Careers.” Click this, and from the next page, you will be able to apply. Click the “Apply here” link to get the process started. The process can take a few months to go through from application to getting hired, so be patient through all of this.

On the application itself, be sure that you have spent enough time thinking about and going over your answers thoroughly so that you are presenting yourself in the best possible light. Allow about 45 minutes for the application to handle everything that will be asked. The company may ask you to give permission to have a background check conducted as well.

External Resources:

In many cases, your first interview will be a phone interview, but when you get to the live interview stage, be sure to look and act like a professional. No matter what your anticipated role within the company might be, it’s important to give a great first impression. Also, be sure that you have researched the company well. All positions within the company are competitive, and if you are knowledgeable of the company and able to not just answer questions intelligently, but ask a few of your own too, you will be considered a much stronger candidate.


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