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Working with a Big Bank

You Can Get a Job at Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is one of the older banks in the United States and has a huge clientele. While most of their clients are institutions, they do serve individual clients, too. Unlike many other banks that you are probably familiar with, Goldman Sachs doesn’t have thousands of branches for personal banking.

Instead, they focus on investment banking, and have a very different feel than your local bank that you are used to. This is important to know upfront before you apply, and even though there are some great career opportunities here, they are a slightly different bank than what you might be used to. Before you apply, make sure that you know this.

Types of Jobs

Because Goldman Sachs is a different type of bank than what you might be used to, the positions within the company are also a bit different. There are professional positions available in operations, legal, analysis, research, compliance, finance, real estate, and technology, to name a few. There are also many entry level positions, depending on your location. Your pay will be dependent upon what your position is, and where you are located. In many cases, pay will also be related to performance. This is a competitive job, and although experience is helpful, it is not always necessary.

Goldman Sachs is headquartered in New York, New York. They have a number of corporate positions available, and if this is something that you are interested in, they are very much worth looking into, especially if you are located near NYC. There are also offices spread out all over the world, especially in major metro areas.

Why Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs is one of the largest banking institutions in the United States. There are over 34,000 employees, worldwide, and the company, although under fire quite a bit in recent years, is still going strong. Yes, they have had their share of bad press and they were hit hard by the financial crisis of 2008, but thanks to their size and longevity, Goldman Sachs is still a major force within the U.S. economy. There have been many reforms within the company, and they have emerged from their many trials as a much stronger company with a better focus on both their clients and employees.

Goldman Sachs has some great benefits for qualified employees. They offer 401(k) retirement packages, health care and prescription help, life and disability insurance, holiday and vacation pay, as well as the occasional bonus, depending on what’s going on within the company.

Who Can Apply?

Goldman Sachs encourages people of all backgrounds to apply to their company. Whether you are fresh out of school and looking for something challenging, or you have been in the professional sector for years and you are looking to change careers, there is probably something for you in this company. They have a number of different divisions, and not all of their careers are related to banking. It’s required that you be 18 and have a high school diploma or GED to work for the company, and many divisions within the company do require a college degree, too. Mostly, the company looks for hardworking and smart, driven individuals that are willing to add to the value of this company through their efforts.

Many people worry about applying for a company like Goldman Sachs because they don’t have any experience in finance. While experience in this sector can help, it’s not an absolute must. Instead, a strong customer service oriented personality is more helpful. The rest can be learned as you go.

What’s Expected?

Goldman Sachs employees have a lot of responsibilities, but they are also highly valued. Employees are expected to be hardworking and professional, but they are also expected to work well with others—both fellow employee and their clients. They are expected to be friendly and personable, and they should have both a results-oriented mindset as well as a focus on doing the right thing. In finance or banking, these traits will go a long way toward success.

Tips for Gaining Employment

To apply for a job at Goldman Sachs, go to their homepage, and near the top of the screen you will see a link titled, “Careers.” Click this, and you can search through their worldwide bank of job openings. Be sure to apply for only a position that you are qualified for or are serious about. Take your time and double check your application, ensuring that it is free of any errors before submitting it.

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Having a college degree or experience in what you want to do will help you quite a bit if you are applying to Goldman Sachs, but oftentimes, neither of these things is a necessity. However, you might find that applying for an internship can help improve your chances of getting hired as a fulltime employee. Yes, no one wants to be an unpaid intern, but if doing this can help better your chances of securing your dream job, it could very well be worth your while.


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