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Dunkin Donuts Job Application

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Dunkin Donuts Job Application

Dunkin Donuts Job Application

Dunkin Donuts is one of the leading coffee shops in the world, serving around 3 million customers on a daily basis. The name Dunkin Donuts has become synonymous with high quality, affordable coffee, and this has done wonders for the growth of their brand. They are a growing company, and as they grow, the need for more employees grows alongside it.

If you are interested in pursuing a job at Dunkin Donuts, here are some of the basic points of interest that you will need to know for success.


Types of Jobs

The most basic job at Dunkin Donuts is the crew member. These are the cashiers and the people that serve you your drinks and food items. This position does start out around minimum wage or just over, but there is also the potential for extra income through tips. Dunkin Donuts also needs bakers, shift leaders, assistant managers, and managers in most locations. These vary in pay, but shift leaders can expect to make $9 to $12 an hour starting out (plus tips), and managers can expect a starting salary of roughly $35,000 a year, which can then move upward depending upon their performance and how their store is doing. It is not unusual for experienced managers to make $60,000 a year at top stores.

Corporate roles exist, and many of these can be quite rewarding, especially if you have worked your way up through the company. There are a wide variety of these, and different backgrounds in work experience or education might be needed. These range from executive posts, to upper management, to legal, and more. Many of the corporate roles have a high focus on helping franchisees meet with success.[/vc_column_text][vc_tta_tabs][vc_tta_section title=”Why Dunkin Donuts?” tab_id=”1474037595918-581163f3-ba7d”][vc_column_text]

Why Dunkin Donuts?

Dunkin Donuts has more than 7,000 locations, and most of these are in the United States. You can find them almost anywhere; as standalone shops, in gas stations, in thruway rest stops. As a result of this, Dunkin Donuts has become one of, if not, the most popular coffee shops in the world. They have grown quickly, and there are many openings. Because the company is so big, they have many needs, even at the franchise level. There are many opportunities for great workers to move upward in responsibility and pay.

If you are looking for a fast paced work environment with a focus on exceeding customers’ needs, Dunkin Donuts is a great career path. Individual franchises will have different employee benefits, but these typically include life and health insurance, 401(k) retirement savings accounts, discounted food and drink, and vacation time for those employees that work enough hours per week.

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Who Can Apply?

Part time roles at Dunkin require you to be at least 16 years old. At 18, shift leader roles become available, and you can pick up more hours. You do not need a high school diploma to start out here, but many managers prefer that their shift leaders do have this or a GED. As you move up through the ranks of the company, you will find that having some college background, especially in business, is helpful, but it’s certainly not a requirement. Many managers do not have college degrees and they are quite successful.

Instead of formal education, you should be focusing on your skills and your background for a career here. If you have previous fast food experience, any use of a cash register, or any sort of customer service experience, you will stand out among the competition when applying. These things are not mandatory parts of getting hired, but they can help you to separate yourself from the crowd.

What’s Expected?

Dunkin Donuts employees are expected to be able to thrive in a fast moving environment. In the pre-work rush, cafes can be very busy, and Dunkin Donuts is no exception. You should be able to cheerfully help customers, yet quickly process their orders, get them what they’ve asked for in an accurate manner, and move on to the next customer, all while being positive and upbeat. Morning rushes can be stressful at first, but if you already have the appropriate attitude, you can get used to these quickly.

This is a food service business, so being able to follow the standards of food safety and cleanliness are a must. Your manager will go over these with you upon hire, but having a basic knowledge of this before you are hired can be helpful.

Finally, Dunkin employees are expected to do what’s right for their store. They may be asked to upsell a particular pastry, or to discuss why the seasonal latte is so good with customers. These things help the company to do well by bettering the bottom line, but when done right, they also make the customer feel like they are cared about.

Tips for Gaining Employment

To find the Dunkin Donuts application, go to their website, scroll down to the bottom, and under the “Company Information” header, you will find the “Careers” tab. Click this and then click “Apply Online,” and you will be transported to the section where you may pick the role you would like to apply for. Do note that most in-store jobs are through franchises. On the application itself, be sure to spend enough time to fill it out accurately and correctly. Set aside at least 30 minutes, but you may want more time, just in case.

If you get an interview, it is important to dress nicely and come in prepared. Managers are looking for people that are excited about the job, that they feel will not only help the company out, but will be successful themselves. It might help to have a few things that you are curious about the store or the company itself so that you are more prepared for questions. Just be professional and polite throughout the process, from application to hire and beyond, and you will do well. This is a big company and there is plenty of opportunity for moving up, and indicating that you are looking for something long term will help you as it reduces turnover within the store, too.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_tabs][vc_column_text]

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