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Gloria Jean’s is a coffee shop that is often franchised to individual owners. The brand name is currently owned by the Australian company Retail Food Group, but Gloria Jean’s is a name that is a very familiar to most Americans thanks to the many locations that there are throughout the country. There are currently over 100 locations for this company within the United States, and over 15,000 employees around the world. Before you apply to a local Gloria Jean’s location, make sure that you know what you need to about the company and about how you might fit within the organization.

Types of Jobs

Gloria Jean’s has a number of different positions available, both part-time and fulltime. They have all of the typical positions that you would expect to see in a café, including baristas, team members, cashiers, and a number of management positions. Because these are franchised locations, there is also the potential for ownership, although this does require a large investment of your own.

Entry level positions tend to pay just over minimum wage at the beginning. This will go up over time, and baristas can expect to make about $10 an hour after experience is gained. Those in management roles can expect to start out at around $30,000 to $40,000, depending on where they are located and the amount of business that the store does. Once more experience is gained, those with great performance levels will see their salary increase accordingly.

Gloria Jean’s?

Gloria Jean’s might be a smaller brand, but they have a huge level of name recognition. You can find a branch in almost every major mall and shopping center in the United States, and they are a favorite brand of coffee for many. Stores are always busy locations, but they are still able to retain a small town coffee shop feel to them, adding to their popularity. They provide a very casual work setting, but one that still requires a good deal of professionalism and hard work.

The benefits that Gloria Jean’s gives to their employees will vary a little bit from location to location. All employees receive discounts on food and drink, and qualified, fulltime employees gain access to 401(k) investing options, paid time off, and health and medical insurance access.

Who Can Apply?

Eligibility for hire will vary from location to location, but the typical minimum age for a part-time job with this company is age 16. Because of this, you do not need to be a high school graduate. In order to apply, you need to be responsible, have strong references that can vouch for your character and maturity, and have a good work ethic. Much of the skill that is needed in this job can be learned in training and with on the job experience, so prior experience in a café or in customer or food service of any kind is not needed, although it can be helpful for getting hired.

What’s Expected?

Gloria Jean’s employees are expected to work hard and always act professionally. Although the atmosphere portrayed is often laid back, this does not mean that employees have a lot of time to relax. Stores are often fast paced and vibrant. Employees should be able to balance serving customers with getting other tasks around the store accomplished in as accurate and quick of a manner as possible. Attention to customer needs, such as food allergies, is also a must. Also, employees should be responsible and always at work on time.

Tips for Gaining Employment

The first step to getting a job at Gloria Jean’s is to apply. Many stores have paper applications, but you can also apply online. To start the process, go to the company’s website and go to the store locator portion of the site. Do a search for the locations nearest you and go to the individual website of the location that you desire to work at. This is a franchised company, and each location might have a slightly different application process.

Regardless of how you apply, be sure that you spend enough time on the application. About 30 to 45 minutes is enough time to ensure that you are able to complete everything fully and accurately. Be sure to include references even if the application you are working on says that it is optional. Make sure that they are professionals that can vouch for your work ethic and character.

External Resources:

Again, you do not need any sort of work experience to be successful at this job. It helps, but it’s not a must. Instead, show during your interview that you are responsible and willing to work hard for the company. At the interview, be careful to have a few questions of your own prepared. This will show your ability to think ahead of potential problems that might pop up and it shows that you are truly committed to working with the company.


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