Target Job Application

Target Job Application

Filling out the Target Job Application

Target has a reputation as a low price, high quality retail store, with thousands of locations across the country. The store was founded in 1902 in Minnesota, and today it is one of the largest retail chains in the United States. This is a store that has everything that you could want in one location, including a lot of items you probably didn’t even know that you wanted. This centrality has helped launch Target into one of the premier corporations in the U.S.

Types of Jobs

Target has a lot of great job opportunities. These fall under two different categories: hourly and management/corporate. Hourly positions include cashier, store clerk, parking lot and cart attendant, backroom team member, warehouse worker, fitting room team member, Starbucks baristas, and supervisory positions. Because Target’s pharmacy is now going to be run by CVS, target is no longer hiring for health related positions.

Management roles pay salary, and include assistant and general managers. Corporate roles are very diverse, ranging from legal, to business analytics, marketing, technology, and accounting positions. These are typically located at a corporate location, and not at individual stores, except for store managers, of course.

Why Target?

Target has some nice employee perks. These include health, vision, and dental insurance, including prescription drug coverage. They also help cover maternity expenses and quitting smoking. There are also employee discounts in store, for special events like concerts and sports, and membership to fitness clubs thanks to corporate partnerships. Target will also grant personal days, holiday pay, and vacation time.

This is a large company, and each store usually has over 100 employees working there. There are many positions within the store, and frequent openings, which means that there are many chances for you to move up the ranks of leadership and pay even within a single location. It’s important that you gain experience, but this is a company that a hardworking individual can move up in pay quite quickly within.

Who Can Apply?

Target focuses on hiring employees aged 18 years or older. Ideally, they prefer candidates that have at least a high school diploma or a GED, but this can be addressed on a case by case basis, depending on which position you are looking for.

Positions such as cashier and sales associates can expect to make around $8 to $9 per hour, depending on the store’s location and the experience of the employee. Shift supervisors can make upward of $14 or $15 per hour, which makes supervisory positions with Target a very nice position for most people, especially if they start at the bottom and work their way up. Because the store is so big, this is actually quite easy to do for the right candidates. Management roles usually start out at $50,000, and can go as high as $100,000, but there is potential to move upward if your store performs well.

The Target employees that will see the highest level of success are those that are not afraid to work. A good work ethic is important, as is being able to listen to superiors and follow through with directions. Most positions require you to have a primary focus on the customer, and being able to satisfy needs is important. This requires a thorough knowledge of the store and the products contained within. Having a strong desire to learn and improve upon your skills will also take you a very long way in this company.

What’s Expected?

Getting a job at Target can often revolve around the timing of your application, but this isn’t something that you can necessarily control. However, what you can influence are your personal characteristics. Target’s hiring managers look for smart, determined individuals that are willing to work hard for the sake of the company and themselves. This means being focused on helping customers, fulfilling management’s requests, and acting in a professional, mature, way.

Being hired is just the first step with Target. This is a big company and there are countless job opportunities to take advantage of once you are within the company. By continuing to show that you are a capable and hardworking employee, you can move up through the ranks quickly.

Tips for Gaining Employment

The application for employment at Target is found online and must be submitted electronically. If you go to their home page, you will find it under the “careers” button at the bottom of the page. It takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete, so be sure to set this time aside in order to minimize the chances of a distraction. It’s not tough to fill out, and there are no surprise or trick questions on it, but the chances of getting hired are far better if you take your time and answer each question honestly and thoughtfully. It’s also important that you answer each question accurately, as this shows that you have an ability to understand and follow directions.

Having a flexible schedule when you apply is also important. Oftentimes, stores will have specific shifts that they are hiring for, and if you can work weekends, evenings, or other odd hours, you stand a very good chance of getting a position at Target faster. It’s also important that you state any relevant experience, skills, or training that you have that will assist you in the job that you are applying for.

External Resources

Once you’ve applied, wait about ten days before reaching out to the store manager to inquire on the status of your application. Showing up in person is a good idea, but do be aware that the manager may be busy and might not have time for you at that precise moment. Dress nicely, be professional, but also understand that they have a job that they are in the middle of. If they are able to talk to you at that moment, they will. If not, showing up in person shows determination and initiative, and it gives you an edge over the competition applying for that same position. It makes it that much more likely that you will land an interview, and gets you one step closer to being hired.


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