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Chipotle is one of the most well-known Mexican-style fast food restaurants in the United States. There are over 1,500 locations spread out across the country, and tens of thousands satisfied employees work for the company. If this is a company that you’ve been considering applying to, be sure that you know what kinds of jobs they offer, and where you might fit in with the company before you hit the submit button on your online application.

Types of Jobs

Like all fast food chains, Chipotle has many different types of jobs available. There is a need for team members, grill crew members, shift supervisors, kitchen managers, and restaurant managers. Pay for entry positions tends to start out right around minimum wage, but will go up over time. Team members can make about $10 per hour after they have spent some time with the company. Supervisors will make slightly more than this.

Assistant managers begin making salary, usually starting out at just under $30,000 per year upon being promoted to this position. Restaurant managers start out at about $50,000 per year. Both of these pay rates will go up over time and once proven results for the good of the company are established. This company rewards those who are dedicated to the company and work hard.

Why Chipotle?

Chipotle has established a reputation for itself as a conscientious and socially responsible restaurant. This has not always proven to be the best thing in the short term for the company’s finances, but it has solidified a long term following of devoted customers and employees. The company does a lot to benefit their employees by offering things like 401(k) benefits to qualified workers, access to healthcare coverage, and discounts on in-store food and drinks. Over time with the company, performance bonuses and other perks become available.

Who Can Apply?

You need to be at least 16 to apply to Chipotle for a part-time position. For a fulltime position, you need to be 18 years old. Local laws and special exceptions might be made in some situations so knowing the legal restrictions can be helpful in some instances. A high school degree is not needed for part-time jobs, but fulltime positions are much easier to secure if you have graduated or have a GED. However, more important than these things is having the right attitude. Prospective employees should be hardworking, customer focused, and positive, even when they are faced with tough situations.

What’s Expected?

Chipotle employees are expecting to be hardworking and able to thrive in a fast paced environment. Many locations, especially those in urban areas, have long lines, and employees are expected to be able to get all orders completed quickly and accurately in these situations. Employees are also expected to be friendly and be able to comply with all local health codes concerning food safety.

Tips for Gaining Employment

Your first step in getting a job with Chipotle is to apply. You can find the application on their homepage. Go here, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under the “About” category, there is a link titled “Careers.” Click on this, and you will be able to search through the job opportunities that are currently available with the company. You will be able to look at both corporate and restaurant level jobs. Find the right one for you and begin the application process. Be sure to give yourself about 60 minutes to accurately fill everything out and double check your work before hitting the submit button. Having strong references, both personal and professional, can also be helpful here. If desired, you can also search through Chipotle affiliate careers here, such as Pizzeria Locale.

External Resources:

Chipotle candidates typically go through two interviews, with the second asking much more specific questions than the first. Interviews should be taken seriously, and you should spend some time preparing for them, having a friend ask you typical questions. Be sure to review your answers with them afterward so that you can improve. Also, make sure that you dress professionally for your interviews. You don’t need a suit and tie, but you should look and act like a professional going into it. At the interview, answer all of the questions completely, but without speaking too much. Finally, be sure to have a couple questions of your own prepared for the end of all interviews. You might have some answered during the interview itself, so having more than one ready to go will show your preparedness and genuine interest in the position.


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