Office Depot Job Applications

Filling out an Office Depot Job Application

Office Depot Job Applications

Office Depot, despite recently merging with Office Max, has retained its position near the top of the office supply industry. The company has restructured quite a bit because of this, but with the addition of increased online sales and the combination of two customer bases, Office Depot is still a great place to work. If you’re thinking of applying here, these are the things that you need to know first.

Types of Jobs

Office Depot jobs range from entry level in-store jobs, to high ranking corporate and sales jobs. There’s also a need for supervisors and managers, along with call center employees, warehouse workers, and drivers.

Entry level positions include cashiers, sales associates, and copy and print room specialists. These positions can pay anywhere from minimum wage to $9 an hour, depending on experience. After a few years with the company, this rate can go up as high as $12 per hour.

Management roles will vary in pay, depending on rank within the company and professional results. These can start out around $30,000 per year, but the more you contribute to the company, the higher this salary rate can go.

Why Office Depot?

Office Depot has seen some shakeups over the last few years. This is normal for companies emerging in a new stage of their business, and online sales through the entire office supply industry for a few surprise loops. However, this is one of the few companies that have emerged from this shakeup, and they are beginning to strengthen their brand. It can be difficult beginning in a career in a new phase like Office Depot is in, but if you can prove yourself to the company early on, you are securing job security for the future.

Right now, Office Depot does have employee benefits for fulltime employees. These include 401(k) retirement plans, health and life insurance policies, employee stock purchase plans, and paid time off and holiday pay, for qualified employees. You may also qualify for discounts on certain items carried by the store.

Who Can Apply?

You must be 16 to apply for an in-store job. These are part time and minimum wage jobs. At 18, you can apply for a fulltime job. Having a high school diploma or the equivalent for a fulltime job is a must. Entry level jobs do not require a college degree, but to move upward in the company, having one is helpful. Employees do not need to have professional experience when it comes to entry level jobs, but as they move up within the company, having sales experience is necessary. This can be gained on the job in many cases, or through other sources of employment.

What’s Expected?

Office Depot employees are expected to be hard working, dedicated to driving sales, and be able to converse comfortably with customers. This is a retail job, and there is a large focus on customer service. You should be able to put the customer first, all while doing your part to do what’s best for the company at the same time.

Tips for Gaining Employment

You can apply for a job at Office Depot through their home page. Down at the bottom, click on the “Careers” link, and you will be taken to a page where you can view featured positions, search through all openings within the company, or do a search by location. You can also fill out a talent profile here and let recruiters find the right position for you. If you decide to apply, be sure to spend enough time on the application, setting aside at least 45 minutes of time where you can focus on this without interruptions. This will help you to ensure accuracy and make sure that you are answering the questions as best as possible.

External Resources

At your interview, dress professionally and bring a copy of your resume. Be sure to mention any sales, retail, or customer service experience that you have. If you don’t have any professional experience, this is not an immediate deal breaker, but it is still important that you discuss other areas of your life where people skills have been shown. Also, prepare a few questions of your own so that the hiring manager will see that you have put thought into this and are still interested in the opportunity.


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