Receive the Wage You Deserve - Get Paid

How to Get Paid More?

When it comes to how much you’re getting paid, more is always better than less. In a tough job market, there’s not much you can do to get a higher pay rate, especially when it comes to entry level jobs. If you want to get paid more though (who doesn’t?!), there are a few things

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Internships Help the Job Search

Why Internships Matter

For college students, internships are often a type of purgatory. You’re almost done with college, but you’re not quite in the real world yet. You’re working, perhaps even at a job that you can picture yourself at for a very long time, but you’re not yet getting paid

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Hiring People From a Temp Agency

What Does a Temp Agency Do?

One often overlooked method of getting a better job is working with a temp agency. Most people who come from a solid educational background and already have work experience immediately write this method of bettering your employment situation off, but there are many reasons why you should consider this if you are struggling to find

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Looking for Summer Jobs

Finding a Job this Summer

Summer job season is here, and that means that college students and those fresh out of high school will be added into the mix along with everyone else that is also searching for a new career right now. Regardless of where you fall into these categories, this can be a more competitive time to try

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Speed up the Job Search

How to Speed Up the Job Search

Finding a job can be a difficult, drawn out process. For some people, the job search can take over a year. No one wants to spend that time doing something that feels akin to treading water. Instead of moving forward, you feel like you are staying in the same place, just trying to keep your

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