Job Applicant QuestionsCategory: QuestionsAre career fairs worth it?
It's Jarrod Staff asked 7 years ago

There is a career fair thing going on in a few days near me and was wondering if it was worth going to? there are a ton of companies that are supposed to be there, but I haven’t heard of most of them.

1 Answers
Ben Staff answered 7 years ago

If your job search is not making much progress, than yes, a career fair can be very worthwhile. Here, you will have exposure to many different companies, some of which might be looking for someone just like you. As for the companies that you have never heard of, I suggest doing some research on them. You will always be better off being more educated than not when you go into one of these, and having the right information ahead of time allows you to fine tune your resume (which you should bring several copies of with you), and it will allow you to ask better questions when you talk to a recruiter for the company.