Job Applicant QuestionsCategory: ApplicationWhat if a company won’t pay relocation?
LLove Staff asked 7 years ago

I’m applying for a job, but it’s a few hours away. They’ve already stated that they would like to hire me, but they won’t pay relocation. What should I do here?

1 Answers
Ben Staff answered 7 years ago

There are a couple ways to approach this. If they really want you for the position, once a job offer is on the table, you can try to negotiate for having all or some of your relocation expenses covered. If this isn’t going to happen, and you really want the job, you can cover your own moving expenses. If neither of these things are feasible, and working remotely isn’t an option either, then you will most likely need to turn it down, unfortunately. The only other alternative would be to stay in a hotel on workdays or commute, both of which would end up being more expensive than moving.