Kai M. Staff asked 7 years ago

My city has a couple different job sites that are only for job postings in the city or immediately nearby. I’ve been looking on these, but it looks like they are mostly the same bogus ads that I find on Craigslist and stuff. Do these sites have any potential if I want to send out an application? Or am I wasting my time?

1 Answers
Ben Staff answered 7 years ago

Depending on how they are managed, these sites typically have far more usefulness than Craigslist. Most of these job sites require companies to pay a small fee to post an ad, and this severely cuts down on the number of scam postings. The problem that you might be running into is that you are not refining your search enough. Think of some of the keywords that pertain to the job that you are looking for and try using those in your search. This will help you find opportunities that suit you and your background far more easily than a general search will return.