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Chris Chase Staff asked 7 years ago

I’m getting ready to apply for a job. I’ve never done this before, never even had a job. I’m done with school, and ready to start this part of my life, but have no clue where to start.

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Ben Staff answered 7 years ago

Applying for a job is an exciting experience! The best place to start is in an area that you know you will enjoy. If you want to stay local, think of the businesses near you that you know and enjoy. Most places have online applications, and in these parts of their websites, they will often have answers to a lot of the questions that you might have. Put together a resume, too. Even if you don’t have job experience, there are a lot of things that you can put here that will indicate why you are qualified for the job you seek. And most importantly, be persistent! It’s common to apply to many jobs before you get a positive response, so don’t give up.