Job Applicant QuestionsCategory: ApplicationWhy am I Not Getting Hired?
Kyler Marsh Staff asked 7 years ago

I’ve applied at a whole bunch of companies, and I’ve even had a few interviews, but I’m not getting any further than that. Why am I not getting hired??

1 Answers
Ben Staff answered 7 years ago

This is a pervasive question simply because your odds of getting hired even at a company where you are fully qualified to work are not 100% thanks to a huge number of applicants. In order to better your chances of getting an interview, and then getting hired, you should tailor fit your job search and your application strategy. Be sure that each resume that you send out is customized for the specific company and position you are applying for, and practice your interview questions. This will go a long way toward helping you. Even with all of these things on your side, it is still a numbers game. The more places you apply that you are qualified for, the better your chances of getting a job become.