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Isabella L Staff asked 7 years ago

so I applied for a job a few weeks ago and just had an interview. I thought I was really going to like the job, until they went over some of the things i’d have to do at the end of the interview. now, I really don’t think I want the job and i’m supposed to here from them this wek about it. What should I do if the job isn’t what I thought it was?

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Ben Staff answered 7 years ago

The great thing about a job interview isn’t just that the company is seeing if you’re going to be a good fit for them, it’s a chance for you to see if they’re right for you, too. In this case, it seems that the job you’ve applied to isn’t what’s best for you. If you have other options, or if you have the ability to wait until a better opportunity comes up, you should pass on the job offer, if it’s given. Count this as a learning experience and a chance to practice your interview skills, and look for a better opportunity for you.