Job Applicant QuestionsCategory: ApplicationWhat to include with application?
Harley M Staff asked 7 years ago

I’m about to send out a job application, but at the bottom of it, it asks if there is any other information that I think might be helpful for the company when they are considering me. What kind of stuff should I put here? It’s optional, so I might just leave it blank.

1 Answers
Ben Staff answered 7 years ago

When you see an optional question on an online application, don’t leave it blank. These optional questions are used to help form decisions, otherwise they wouldn’t be on the application. For a question like this, think of anything that would help your case for getting this particular job that hasn’t been included on the application so far. Maybe describing a volunteer position you had would help, or a position of leadership you had in school. Anything that can help make the case that you’re the best candidate for the job is fair game.