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Not in College Staff asked 7 years ago

I’m trying to make some revisions on my resume, but I’m not sure what to keep. Should I keep things from college like a scholarship I had from my internship or being captain of the swim team? College was a long time ago, an these things don’t seem as impressive as they used to.

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Ben Staff answered 7 years ago

Reassessing your resume is a good idea at any time. However, you may want to keep some of the things that you are thinking of discarding, depending on where you are applying. Even if it was 20 or 30 years ago, being a captain on a sports team could be to your benefit, as could your success at your internship. I suggest that you look at each job you are applying to individually, and tweak your resume as you see fit for each one. Having a few different versions of your resume saved on your computer will make this a lot easier.