Resumes at Job Fairs

Resumes at Job Fairs

Resumes at Job Fairs are Important

Job fairs can be a great way to find a job. These are usually held at convention or conference centers, and they typically have at least a dozen employers come together. People looking for a new job have their search process simplified; rather than having to go to a whole bunch of different places, or even a few different websites, to get job applications filled out, all of these things are condensed to one place. It makes your job easier, and it helps companies find the people that are truly interested in working for them more easily.

When you go to one of these—and it can be very smart to do so—it can be tempting to just print out a whole bunch of copies of your resume and bring them in a folder with you. And while you should bring copies of your resume with you, you shouldn’t just have one generic version of the resume. Just like you would tailor your resume a bit for each specific job application you would fill out online, you should change your resume a bit for each different company that you hope to apply for at the job fair.

This seems like a huge project, but it’s really not. First, look at the job fair lineup. Which companies will be there? This information can usually be found quite easily online, or wherever you found out about the job fair in the first place. You’re going to the job fair to see these companies, so you should at least know who they are before you show up. Do some research so you can get a better idea of what you’ll be up against. Next, print out the custom resumes for the companies that you know for a fact will be there and you do want to apply to. Save each one as a separate file, titling it appropriately so that you know which is which for future reference. Next, make a few extras for companies that you hope will be there. This will give you some variation to choose from if there is something unexpected. You don’t need a lot of different varieties beyond what you know you will need; usually just two or three are enough. However, having these backup versions will give you a chance to go beyond the basics if you have the opportunity to, and it will allow you to secure a better chance of getting a job because you will have more bases covered.

Remember that when you go to something like this, you are skipping the anonymous nature of the internet, and going straight to the people that are responsible for making decisions about whether or not you will get a job. Dress nicely, act professionally, and be prepared for an on the spot interview, just in case. Fill out all of the job applications that you need to while you are there, but don’t rush. Make sure you have more than enough time to fill everything out completely and accurately so that there are no mistakes that might cost you the opportunity that you are hoping for. This is a great chance to land that job you’ve been looking for, so come prepared, be confident, and don’t rush anything. Being professional and thorough will separate you from the crowd, helping you to stand out in the minds of those that will decide whether or not you are right for their company. This isn’t a daunting task by any means, but some people do get nervous. The more prepared you are, the lesser the chance of this happening.


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