Work Smarter for Favorable Outcomes

Work Smarter When Applying

Some people have a job application strategy that involves no strategy at all. This consists of filling out as many applications as possible and sending them out without regard of what the job is, which company it is with, or which industry it falls under. These people inevitably will find a job, but that doesn’t mean that this strategy works, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you should try it.

What’s wrong with doing this? It creates a lot of chances for you to get a job, and it casts a very wide net when it comes to potential employers. This is bound to get you a job offer sooner or later, right?

Yes, it is. But there are far smarter ways of doing it. And, by pinpointing your application strategy a bit, you can save yourself a lot of time, and even have a better chance of getting the job that you actually want, rather than a lot of offers from companies that you could care less about. Getting a job is a good thing; getting the job that is right for you, though, is a great thing.

Work Smarter during Your Job Search

Instead of casting a wide net, and instead of acting out of desperation to find something, anything, you should narrow your focus. What this does is allows you to focus on finding something that you will enjoy and something that is far more likely to prevent you from needing to go through the job search (and application) process in the near future. By spending some time weeding out the bad and mediocre jobs from the great one or two that are out there waiting for you, you are making your job much easier over the long run. You might only apply to a job or two a week instead of dozens, and this might give you far fewer interviews, but in the long run, you are perfecting your job search so that when you get a job offer, you will know that it is the right one. You won’t need to start looking for another job in a few months because you will be far more likely to be at a company that you like working for and you are likely to be making a lot more money than if you took the first random offer that came your way. This saves you time and energy.

It also gives you the ability to perfect your resume and your interview techniques. Instead of just mass amounts of generic applications, you will be fine tuning each and every one that you send out, and your resume will be tailor crafted for every company that you send it to. This allows you to have a far more likely chance of getting a job offer when you do send it out. Instead of sending out 100 applications with a 1 percent shot at each of them for a job offer, you will be sending out 10, with a better than 10 percent chance of getting hired. The math might come out to be the same, but you’ve made the effort a lot less on your part by applying for the jobs that are better for you.

Besides putting in less effort, you are improving the chances of a quality hire. What this means is that you won’t be applying at the types of jobs that you know are not right for you. You will be applying at only the companies that are a good fit for you and your skill set. This can only lead to a happier career for you, and in the end, that’s what you really are looking for, isn’t it?